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So, who is A Dog’s Best Mate?

That would be me, Kerry – I have had a love for and connection with animals for all of my life, have filled my heart and my home with a number of my own, and now am realising my dream of being able to work with them and be around them as my working life too.

Home is full with furry love – we have Stewie, Billy and Wynnie, our loveable and somewhat madcaps Labradors, ranging from 2.5 years to 11 months, they can be a handful but we love every moment with them. We also have Herbie, Moo and Kitten… the feline rulers of the roost – it has been my care of Kitten and dealing with her diabetes that made me see that not all drop-ins are the same and led me to creating a layered care service. 

My passion for animals goes beyond words really, the joy I feel when I am around them is something that makes my world go round. I just love to see them so happy in life and want to help make that happen, be it by joining them for a walk, making sure they are okay when you are not at home, or keeping them company at your big day. 

I hope that you give me the chance to get to know your furry, feathered or finned family member and become their other best mate.